Testimonials | Dandelion Consulting

“I have been working with Sharon Ware of Dandelion Consulting for the last 3-1/2 years and she has been my “#1 Go-To Expert” on my journey in the online marketplace arena. Repeatedly her expertise and thoroughness to complete a task has immensely helped my business get established and grow.

When I contacted Sharon, I was contemplating moving my eBay selling to the next level by creating a store. She created my storefront on eBay, LavishlyHip, and taught me how to best load and manage my inventory using 3rd party tools. She trained how to create listings to maximize their presence.

Sharon has a tremendous knowledge base of behind-the-scenes technical processes as well as a great eye for the graphics. Her fresh ideas for my store make sure to capitalize on Google SEO criteria. Even to do this day, I go to Sharon when I encounter problems or obstacles on eBay.

Sharon has a thoughtful and smooth approach to any task, no matter its size. She is able to keep focused on the immediate project and modifies her approach taking into consideration her client’s background and overall business plan.. The icing on the cake is that I have found an expert that gets the job done successfully, and a business partner that I know I can trust.”

~ Rika Woyan, www.LavishlyHip.com

“Sharon and her team is highly qualified and knowledgeable regarding the “ins and outs” on e-Bay. Their assistance was invaluable in getting us up and going. We were so impressed with their assistance that we chose to engage for an extended period of time, and we are now a Power Seller and Top Rated Seller. We would highly recommend Dandelion Consulting.”

~ Butch Johnson, Executive VP, MyOfficeInnovations

“My Auction Teacher has really helped my eBay business. I have been on eBay for about 11 years and I thought I knew the ropes. I have traveled the country attending eBay conventions and attended eBay seminars. Sharon’s work brought my site and my business to a new improved level in what could be considered a difficult time. I had her design a new look and other eBayers regularly comment to me about how nice it is. When we run into problems with eBay or a provider, she fights like a tiger for my side. She has kept me up to date with all the new changes and offers timely, superb advice. You won’t go wrong using Sharon.”

~ Robert Dinnerman, The Dinnerman Store

“I want to thank you for all you’ve done. You are an incredibly patient woman and I admire you for such a cool way to live. You have done a great job putting all this together. You did a fabulous job of taking our website and converting it over to our eBay site. We love it! Traffic has already started pouring in and sales for our beautiful jewelry and collectible coins are increasing daily! Thank you for everything you’ve done to help us. You have been a tremendous asset.”

~ Bennie, Decatur Coin and Jewelry

Although I have been selling on eBay for over ten years, Sharon taught me a lot of tricks I didn’t know. She tuned up my eBay store and my traffic and sales increased almost overnight.

~ Skip McGrath