The Dandy Story | Dandelion Consulting

Do you have one of those days in your life that you will always remember?

March 15, 2007 was such day for Sharon Ware, founder of Dandelion Consulting. That was the day Sharon became the 19th Certified Business Consultant and Education Specialist worldwide, currently the highest level in the Education Specialist Program sponsored by eBay.

Sharon’s love of teaching eBay and helping others inspired her to work hard, study hard and push through to achieve the Business Consultant Certification. Upon receiving the certification, Sharon began the planning stage of opening a new business consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals and businesses with eBay.

Exactly two months after receiving her certification, Sharon took a trip to visit her mother in Kentucky. Her mom had been having health issues for over a year, and each visit became more and more meaningful, never knowing if this would be the last.

That visit to Kentucky in May, 2007 was the most wonderful visit Sharon had ever had with her mom. They took a short road trip north to Ohio, where Sharon was born, and visited relatives they had not seen in over a decade. Upon returning to Kentucky, they were greeted with a lush lawn covered with violets and dandelions. It looked like a violet blanket of velvet with tiny yellow polka dots sprinkled everywhere.

That particular springtime in Kentucky was amazingly beautiful! Dogwoods, red bud, lilacs, daffodils, violets and dandelions were prolific, decorating the landscape with breathtaking beauty!

Sharon’s mom’s home was surrounded with woods bursting with blooms and fragrant, colorful flowers in the yard. Sharon was in heaven! She grabbed her camera and headed outdoors to shoot pictures of everything that was in bloom, and even things that weren’t, like moss covered bricks and trees.

Out of the hundreds of pictures, one of the most unexpected shots of the day was a close up of a single dandelion. The picture was spectacular. Upon looking at it, Sharon was struck by the thought that life can sometimes be like the dandelion. If you look beyond the weeds, you will see the beautiful flowers.

Sharon considers herself an ordinary, every-day person with a can-do attitude. She has turned her natural ability for problem solving and love of helping others into a business and she believes that if she can succeed, you can too.

The dandelion became Sharon’s symbol and Dandelion Consulting was born! The dandelion is a constant reminder to Sharon to look for the simple beauty life has to offer in the most unexpected places!