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Click here to listen to Sharon’s interview on Skip McGrath’s Radio Show.

Listen to Sharon’s interview with Marlene Gavens, of Tips from the Top with the Savvy Seller.

Find out more about Sharon and how she does business – listen to her Blog Talk Radio Interview with Wendy Siegel.

Sharon and her Husband, John, were recently featured in Business Week online due to them launching a successful second career as eBay Consultants.

Sharon’s eBay Store, Dandy Rubber Stamps and Crafts, is featured in the book eBay Marketing Bible. written by Cindy Shebley and Cliff Ennico. Her store is listed as a perfect example of using a custom Store Design for a stronger branding and more professional look. Sharon’s speciality is setting up new eBay stores and re-designing existing stores. Contact Sharon today to discuss your eBay Store needs. Click here to purchase a copy of The eBay Marketing Bible for yourself or a friend.

Marketing Guru, Seth Godin’s latest book, Linchpin on Amazon. Sharon’s picture is included in a collage located inside the front cover as a person that matters. It was submitted by Nancy L Starr of Frolicking Frog Internet Marketing, when Seth made request for followers (aka his “Tribe”) of his blog to submit a picture of a person in their life who has made a difference.

Where’s Sharon?
Here’s Sharon in the image from Linchpin




Sharon has also been interviewed by THE Janelle Elms of OSI Rock Stars. Her interview can be heard here.

OSI Rockstars