1. Rika at Lavishly Hip

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    “I have been working with Sharon Ware of Dandelion Consulting for the last 3-1/2 years and she has been my “#1 Go-To Expert” on my journey in the online marketplace arena. Repeatedly her expertise and thoroughness to complete a task has immensely helped my business get established and grow.

  2. Robert Dinnerman

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    “My Auction Teacher has really helped my eBay business. I have been on eBay for about 11 years and I thought I knew the ropes. I have traveled the country attending eBay conventions and attended eBay seminars. Sharon’s work brought my  site and my business to a new improved level …

    ~ Robert Dinnerman, The Dinnerman Store

  3. Skip McGrath

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    Although I have been selling on eBay for over ten years, Sharon taught me a lot of tricks I didn’t know. She tuned up my eBay store and my traffic and sales increased almost overnight.

    ~ Skip McGrath

  4. Butch Johnson

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    “Sharon and her team is highly qualified and knowledgeable regarding the “ins and outs” on e-Bay. Their assistance was invaluable in getting us up and going. We were so impressed with their assistance that  …

    ~ Butch Johnson, Executive VP, MyOfficeInnovations